Here’s What ‘Yes’ Can Do

Posted on October 25, 2019

    Jessica always wanted to be a mom, but after almost nine years and not a positive pregnancy test in sight, she and her husband Christopher sold their house and horses, and they moved closer to town...

    Spreading Hope through CarePortal

    Posted on September 24, 2019

      Children are entering the foster care system in Indiana from cases of “poverty neglect” every day. When we refer to “poverty neglect”, we are talking about parents who are working tirelessly to provide for the needs of their child but still come up short.

      Our Adoption as Children of God

      Posted on June 26, 2019

        While there are many metaphors used to describe our relationship with God, I believe this is a particularly powerful one. One with many implications and one that is put on display for the world to see when we say “yes” to caring for vulnerable children.

        “What are you doing, Daddy?”

        Posted on May 31, 2019

          “What are you doing, Daddy?” I hear our 2-year-old son ask it all the time. I watch how his face turns toward his daddy’s face. I see his eyes, looking up to his daddy’s eyes. If he asks once, he asks a hundred times…”What are you doing, Daddy?”.

          100 Holes of Golf Outing 2019

          Posted on May 01, 2019

            On April 26th, our team of golfers laced up their shoes and headed out to play a long game of 100 holes of golf. This year’s event was wet and chill, but everyone kept their heads high...

            A CarePortal Story - More Than A Bed

            Posted on April 12, 2019

              From the moment he met us at the door Friday evening, the little three-year-old, was playfully running around zapping us with his light up dinosaur...

              Every Child Symposium 2019

              Posted on March 29, 2019

                "Every Child served as affirmation of our pursuit of becoming foster parents and encouragement to keep going through the difficult process of becoming licensed. For every moment of hard truth, there was hope."

                The Transformative Power of God

                Posted on July 23, 2018

                  Kevin Wise witnesses the amazing transformative power of God in the lives of children during a recent trip to the Exodo children's home in El Salvador. It is September 13, and Kate Gannon and I are on our way home from another trip to...

                  Daugherty's Story

                  Posted on July 23, 2018

                    In the U.S. 397,122 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system. 101,666 of these children are eligible for adoption, but nearly 32% of these children will wait over three years in foster care before being adopted. -CCA Have...