No Talent Needed

Posted on May 11, 2022

    Dave jumped first, telling Michelle, “I don’t know where I fit in, but I have a truck, so let's help." The couple signed up to deliver resources and found themselves thrilled at the unique opportunity to serve their neighbors face-to-face.

    Everything Changed at Exodo

    Posted on April 01, 2022

      Before she entered kindergarten, Isabela* found herself alone in El Salvador. After spending time in a government-run orphanage, she eventually became one of the first children to move into a new home in the city of Oloculita – Exodo Childrens’ Home. Once...

      A Handwritten Note and a Pack of Gum

      Posted on March 16, 2022

        When Kriste Smith jumped into working with a child welfare agency in Chicago in the ‘90s, she did so because of her desire to serve others.

        "Foster Parents Are Essential Workers": Launching Care Communities During a Pandemic

        Posted on February 15, 2022

          “When everything started to shut down,” Nick says, “like most people, I thought it was only going to be a few weeks.” As the weeks turned into months, Nick grew more and more discouraged. “My energy was crushed at such a dramatic change,”...

          Money Is No Match

          Posted on February 01, 2022

            “People knew that the money was going toward the right things,” Alannah says. “There was that trust factor.” Now, as part of a new family of three, Alannah continues to urge that money is no match for the power of God’s faithfulness.

            You're Fostering Too

            Posted on January 17, 2022

              To Our People: You’re fostering too. I’ve watched you do it. When you brought dinner. When you delivered iced coffee. When you hugged me and told me you are proud of me. Did you know then that you were fostering too?

              Supporting Foster Families This Christmas

              Posted on December 01, 2021

                'Tis the season for giving, and Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to show foster families in your community a little extra love.

                When Women Are Transformed Together

                Posted on November 09, 2021

                  “I didn’t know it was ok to be a girl.” These words, uttered by a young woman, changed the trajectory of Deena Wilson’s dreams for the way she served Jesus. The impact Berhan Yehun has had on Deena has been more far reaching than she ever imagined.

                  Keeping Kin Close

                  Posted on September 30, 2021

                    More than a decade ago, Dave and Alla unexpectedly found themselves raising their granddaughter Natalie*, a tiny toddler at the time. Their daughter was struggling to parent safely, and the couple stepped in. They had no idea that a short stay would turn...

                    10 Ways to Support Children in Care as They Head Back to School

                    Posted on August 16, 2021

                      At Hands of Hope, we know it takes a village to support children in foster care, and these kids experience unique challenges at school.