Grateful and Hope-Filled Hearts: Stories of Thanksgiving

Hands of Hope Blog

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever! -Psalm 107

Thanks to donations, we were able to connect with a young man displaced from his home and living with grandparents. He was in need of clothes for school and we were able to take him shopping. He and his grandparents were incredibly thankful and we were able to continue meeting with them. They invited us into their home and we were blessed to meet even more of the extended family. The grandson and I started meeting up to play chess, talk about life, and he’s even come to church with us. His grandmother expressed how grateful she was that her grandson was able to, not just get the clothing, but make some new friends and have positive adult influences. After continuing to hang out with the young man, we were also able to have conversations about God, the meaning of life, and share the good news of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. Praise God! –CarePortal Point Person, Church in Indianapolis

One of our Care Community leaders organized a work day for a foster families. This weekend, we had most of our local high school football team serving this family by working in their yard. –Church Advocate

Upon making a phone call to a mom with needs, she told me they were currently in the hospital. Her daughter was 20 months old, born with Down Syndrome and recently diagnosed with Leukemia. She’d been in the hospital for 4 weeks trying to figure out next steps. I asked the mom if I could pray for her over the phone. She allowed me to pray and at the end said that she’s never been part of something like that before. I asked for clarification by what she meant, and she said she knew she had people praying for them but has never had someone actually pray with her. We can never underestimate the power of prayer- even over the phone. Shortly after getting off the call, I looked at her address and realized that a church we’ve been in recent connection with is less than one mile down the road from this mom. The church has been in contact with the mom, has helped fulfill needed items and this family now has a place to access supportive people in this time of deep challenge. –Hands of Hope Staff Member

Delaware County churches have been working together to help solve the foster care crisis. We were asked by Region 7 DCS to help host a picnic for Foster Parent Appreciation Month. One church brought some games and face painting. Another provided the food and people to serve the food. Another brought a popcorn machine, bubbles, and other fun games. Yet another church provided gift baskets for foster families who attended the event as well as thank you notes and gift cards for DCS to give to foster families. Everyone worked together to make it a fun event for the families who attended. –Foster & Adoptive Mom

I received a donation for county funds from a church. Although it took a while, we were able to connect with someone at DCS to determine the best use of those funds. They informed me that case managers often pay out of their own pockets for the meals for kids who spend the night at the office or are between placements. Using the county fund donation, we were able to purchase twenty $10 gift cards for the supervisors to give to case managers if they needed to provide a meal for a child. Additionally, we were able to drop off some thank you notes for case managers and a thank you note with a gift card from Target that had been donated to a foster family. The supervisor I met with thanked me and shared that we brought joy to them in the hard times. –Hands of Hope Staff Member