Care Community Clinic

Learning About Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMS)


Care Community Clinic

Learn how to care for vulnerable children and their families through a step-by-step model called Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs). FAMs create much-needed support for foster, adoptive and biological families in crisis.

During the FAM Care Community Clinic, we’ll equip you on how to build and lead a successful FAM, with a focus on foster care and Care Communities, within your local church. So you can help provide what vulnerable children need most – strong families.

Register for an Upcoming FAM Care Community Clinic Below

*Clinic certification is a six-hour investment. Approximately two hours of independent work is required prior to the four-hour (webinar-style) FAM Care Community Clinic.

Cost is $95 per registration OR $75 per registration if there are two or more advocates attending from the same church and at the same time.
Register for one of the FAM Care Community Clinics below! If it is a two day course, attendees must attend both nights. All times are EST.

If your church is in Lake County please contact us before registering.

Prior to registering please read through the Christian Alliance for Orphans Statement of Faith.

Upcoming Clinics

April 26 + 27

7pm-9pm EST

*this is a two-day event; attendees must attend both evenings

June 10

9am-1pm EST