Care Communities

Helping Families Foster Longer and Stronger

The Importance of Care Communities

Nationally, 50% of foster parents quit after their first year or their first placement. That means we not only need to increase the number of families caring for vulnerable children, but we need to create support for these families.

Care Communities have proven to retain up to 90% of those foster parents, helping them foster longer and stronger.

“I would have quit fostering if it weren’t for my Care Community.”

- A foster mom in Indiana

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Care Community Roles

Wraparound care involves each vital member of the team fulfilling their specific role. A Care Community is a team of 6-8 committed volunteers who come alongside foster and adoptive families, providing practical, emotional and spiritual support.

Practical Support

Weekly meal
Childcare/Tutoring biological or foster children
Assisting with housework or transportation

Emotional Support

Investing in the lives of biological and foster children
Building “extended family” relationships

Spiritual Support


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