Serve on A Care Community

Steps to Join a Care Community

Thank you for your interest in joining a Care Community! Our long term goal is that every foster family in the state who wants one would have a Care Community. You are helping make this happen, thank you!

Step 1: Find a Care Community

Search for a Care Community Church near you. If you find one, please proceed to Step 2. If not, check out the GET INVOLVED option below.

Step 2: Register for Orientation

If there is a Care Community Church near you, register for a virtual Care Community Volunteer Orientation. These are held monthly from 8pm-9pm EST. Follow the link to see upcoming dates.

Launch at Your Church

If there is not a Care Community Church near you, would you please consider starting Care Communities at your church? If every church had just one Care Community, every foster family in Indiana would have support, so they could foster longer and stronger!