New Song

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After years of witnessing first-hand the uncertainty and instability that unfortunately, often pervades our child welfare system, Robert and Lisa Schloss decided to jump headfirst into the waters of change.

Their dream?

To create New Song; a place of refuge and revival for orphaned, impoverished and fatherless children throughout the state.

In Acts 13:3, it is written:

“So after they fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.”

The Schloss family took this scripture to heart and, upon receiving God’s initial blessing for their ministry, they set out on their journey in search of successful children’s homes throughout the nation. In doing so, they were able to select the best components of each model and begin the process of breathing new life into lost and forgotten children.

God once again “made a path through the mighty waters” (Isaiah 43: 16) when He revealed to Lisa a listing in the newspaper of a plot of land being sold. Nestled among 104 acres of lush woodlands in Indiana’s picturesque Brown County, the area was undoubtedly a testament to His beauty. It was in that spot, after countless challenges of the world were overcome, that the Schloss’ dream of “sing[ing] to the Lord a new song” (Psalm 96:1) would finally become a reality.

New Song is more than a safe, stable and compassionate home for children. It is a place of excellent education, spiritual growth and hopeful opportunity. From pottery and woodworking to equine therapy and 4-H involvement, New Song promises to take advantage of every bit of the scenic and diverse nature granted by its location.

Children ages six through twelve, who have yet to enter the child welfare system, but instead have been referred directly from their caregivers, will reside in one of the, soon to be, nine campus homes. Each of the 5,000 square foot homes will house eight children, as well as a mentor and set of permanent “house parents”. The hope is that these homes will provide long-term care for each child until they are able to transition to college, a trade school or into their career.

New Song is still a budding venture and hopes to open its doors during the fall of this year. Currently, construction has been completed on one home and four others are in the midst of the construction process. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or how you can sponsor a home at New Song through Hands of Hope, please contact us at: