How to Write to Your Sponsored Child

Hands of Hope Blog

Sponsoring a child is an exciting experience because it provides us with an opportunity to make a difference in the world through relationship. You are not just sending money to an organization; you are forming a bond that will have a lasting effect in the life of a child in need. Letter writing allows you to follow your child’s progress throughout the years and gives you the unique chance to hear firsthand about the benefits your sponsorship provides.

Letters are also an important part of your child’s development. They improve children’s basic literacy skills, their self-awareness and their ability to put thoughts and feelings into words.

Not quite sure what to write about? Here are some writing prompts that may help get those communication juices flowing:

• Brief introduction to you and your family.

Do you have children? If so, what ages? Where do you live? Let them know how excited you are to be their sponsor: Let them know you received a card with a little bit of information about them and that you’re excited to learn more about who they are and what they like to do.

• Establish some commonalities.

Do you have the same color hair? Do you have some of the same interests?

• Encourage them.

If they mentioned something that they enjoy doing (like reading or playing soccer) then encourage them in it!

• Share about yourself.

A great transition here is, “Now that I know some things about you, let me share a few things about me.” Talk about the concrete things in your life: family, work, food, the weather, interests you may have, etc.

• Describe your neighborhood.

Are there children playing, stores, fields, busy roads? Talk about the seasons: what snow looks like, the color of the autumn leaves, the temperature on a summer day, etc.

• Send a picture of you and/or your family.

Children LOVE to receive pictures! Talk about who is in the picture and what you were doing.

• Write that you’re thinking of and care for your sponsored child. Tell them how important they are in God’s eyes and that you are praying for them. This is a warm reminder that someone cares.

*Please remember:

• Do not mention material possessions.

• Do not suggest that your child visit the US or include your home address.

• Do not mention financial gifts as these are not given to him/her directly.

• Do not ask your child what he/she would like to receive as a gift. This puts him/her into an awkward position as he/she struggles to find an appropriate answer.

• If you are sponsoring as a group, it is better to have a single point of contact so that the child does not feel overwhelmed.

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