Commissioned to Care

Learning How Trauma Impacts Children

Do you have foster or adoptive families in your church?

Does your church have a ministry that serves children who come from hard places?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is likely that you and others in your church come in contact with children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma. Whether is through serving in children’s ministry, on a Care Community, at a support group, or simply doing life with families that include children who have experienced trauma, a basic understanding of how it impacts the brain is incredibly imporant. Unfortunately, unintended challenges for these children can come from traditional forms of discipline and programming.

Because of this, we invite you to host a 2 hour training at your church where attendees will gain a basic understanding of how trauma impacts children, as well as how to better support them and their families. This training is ideal for friends, extended family members, Care Community volunteers, children’s ministry teachers, and anyone else wanting to better serve vulnerable children. It is taught by a licensed social worker with 20+ years experience, plus 5 children of her own through birth, adoption, and foster care.