A CarePortal Story – More Than A Bed

Hands of Hope Blog

CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in your community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs within the community and makes churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. Below is a beautifully written story by Jane Wiley, who coordinates the CarePortal ministry at Grace Church Fishers. If you or your church is interested becoming engaged with CarePortal, contact us at info@handsofhopein.org.

“Through CarePortal a concern had been identified for lack of bedding for three children sharing a room. A bedroom minus the beds. Attenders of Grace Church Fishers excitedly purchased colorful bedding for 2 boys and a girl. Next came research and the purchase of bed frames and mattresses.

From the moment he met us at the door Friday evening, the little three-year-old, was playfully running around zapping us with his light up dinosaur. The three children had excitedly been anticipating bunk beds, discussing who would be sharing. To the oldest son’s surprise (age 9) there was also a single bed allowing each sibling to have their own twin bed. Helping unwrap the comforter, blanket, and sheets he asked “is this for my bed?” with each item announcing “I’m going to sleep with him” hugging a stuffed crocodile pillow. With great care he helped put on the sheets, then wanted to smooth the blanket, place the pillow and fold back the sheet “as he’d seen on TV”.

As my boys and husband finished installing the metal bunk frame, he asked lots of questions. Curious how old they were, he quickly computed and announced the difference in years from his age. We talked of school which led to the six year old girl pulling papers from her backpack to show. She announced all her favorite colors upon seeing her comforter then hugged her new Minnie Mouse, excited she had a tail. Apparently that had been a previous discussion!

This young mother, brought to our attention due to risk factors within the family, now has beds and bedding to prevent removal of her children. Her appreciation went beyond words. Our opportunity to act in a very tangible way is so beneficial to normalizing these children’s experiences and ensuring their well-being in the home. What a privilege. We were blessed by the experience.”

– Jane Wiley, Grace Church Coordinator