Dignity Home & Romaniv

Dignity Home & Romaniv

Trip Descriptions

Summer Trips

Locations: Dignity Home (Dim Hidnosti) and Romaniv near Zhitomir, Ukraine
Dates: Next trip will be in 2022
Price: $2900
Trip Specifics: On this trip you will have the experience to love on the "least of these". We will be coming alongside Wide Awake and Mission to Ukraine staff to serve the young men and boys at both Dignity Home (Dim Hidnosti in Ukrainian) and Romaniv, all of whom have a complex array of physical, emotional, and/or intellectual disabilities. The team will do some camp-like activities as well as other projects. At the end of this trip there will be a one day debrief outside the US.
Age Range: This is a great trip for families of children 16 and older.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Our sponsorship program allows YOU to be a significant influence in the life of one of these children or young adults! What makes the sponsorship different?
 100% of funds received go directly to provide support.
Focus is literal or societal orphans who are not currently adoptable.
Opportunity for a more personal relationship through mission trips, letters, and care packages.
Your sponsorship provides:
$35/month covers basic necessities
Please prayerfully consider being the "Hands of Hope" for a young man or child in need!

Click on a picture to set up automatic debit or credit card payments or payment via a draft from your checking or savings account. Once you decide to start your sponsorship, you will receive a Welcome Packet with additional information.

About Dignity Home (Dim Hidnosti) and Romaniv


Hands of Hope partnered with Romaniv, in conjunction with Mission to Ukraine and Wide Awake International, for a number of years. In 2020 Romaniv officially transitioned from a government children's home for disabled boys and young men to a rehabilitation facility. Just prior to this, Dignity Home (Dim Hidnosti in Ukrainian) was started by Wide Awake as a way to allow the young men to experience the fullness of family life, including loving personalized caretakers, in a home environment instead of an institution. Some of the men from Romaniv have already transitioned to Dignity Home and over time others, Lord willing, will as well. Hands of Hope sponsor funds help provide nutritional, therapeutic, spiritual, and educational support to Dignity Home and Romaniv.