Where in the World #2

Hands of Hope Blog

It’s time to roll up those sleeves and slap on the ‘ole thinking cap because a brand new edition of our “Where in the World” series is starting right now!

Here are the clues for today’s mystery country:

1. Although I was originally founded back in 1525, many of my historic buildings have collapsed over the years due to multiple earthquakes.

2. My literacy rate is 81.1%.

3. My major industries include food processing, beverages and petroleum.

4. My people would very much like it if, upon meeting them, you would shake their hand and say “mucho gusto” (nice to meet you).

5. My capital city is home to one-third of my entire population.

Answer: San Salvador, El Salvador, home to our orphanage partner, Exodo.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Exodo, please contact us at info@gracehandsofhope.org or click here.