Ways to Help During COVID-19 Outbreak

Hands of Hope Blog

Our community is in the midst of an unprecedented time with the coronavirus outbreak and the effects it is having on our daily lives. It is a time to rally together more than ever to serve vulnerable children and those who work tirelessly to protect them. Even in the midst of social distancing, there are practical ways that we can all make a difference.

  1. Offer to connect with foster children who you have a relationship with virtually through Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. You could read with the child, do activities, or assist them with their homework. This gives parents space to breathe and engages the kiddos with other positive influences during this time.
  2. Offer to go to the store and/or run errands for foster/adoptive families that have medically fragile children or an elderly parent/grandparent living with them in their home, so that parents don't possibly bring the virus home.
  3. Send an encouraging text or note to local Family Case Managers/DCS Leadership. Tell them you are praying for their safety and health, and then pray for them each day.
  4. Check-in with foster/adoptive parents in your community virtually to see how they are doing. Be empathetic and compassionate. Ask how you can be praying for them and offer them encouragement.
  5. Drop off coloring books, crafts, games, snacks, gift cards, etc. on a foster or adoptive family's porch. Offer to have food to be delivered from a local restaurant to the family.
  6. Instead of posting news articles on your social media accounts, post scripture, positive words and encouraging stories.
  7. Spend time in God’s Word and in prayer each day. When our perspective is shaped by His Truth, it builds our trust in Him.
  8. Pray for children in abusive or neglectful situations at home. School may have been their only safe place and their caregivers may have heightened stress levels. They are isolated from people who may have sounded the alarm or voiced concerns during this time. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s protection and intervention.
  9. Maintain a generous spirit. Continue to support ministries who serve the most vulnerable in our society. Resist the urge to hoard food and other supplies.
  10. Donate food and necessities to a local food pantry or school in your community. Many organizations and schools are offering meals to families who typically rely on free or reduced lunches throughout the school year.