Top Ten Highlights of the Faith in Deeds 2013 Trip

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Top Ten Highlights of the Faith in Deeds 2013 Trip:

1. Initial Welcome: Before the sun was up the kids were all lined up so
excited for us to come. When the team arrived we were showered with
flowers petals & hugs which made us each feel so special.

2. Crafts: We did many crafts with them which they loved no matter how
simple. They loved painting with water colors for the first time and
sent back a picture for each sponsor.

3. Care Packages: The joy
of opening a present was all around as they explored everything in their
package. Stuff we consider boring like notebooks, pencils, and
washcloths, they really appreciated.

4. Donations: What fun to
give them small gifts each day! What fun to see the children carrying
cars in their pockets, blowing up balloons repeatedly, enjoying candy,
playing games like Christmas tic-tac-toe for hours!

5. Light in a Dark World: At the evening outdoor land dedication right before the program all the lights went out (trust us, it was really dark!). A local pastor prayed for light, when we opened our eyes from the prayer the lights were back on.

6. Fishes & Loaves: Reminding us of the miracle in the Bible, Faith in Deeds expected 300-500 people for the land dedication ceremony where the gospel was clearly presented and a meal was served. However, 1600 were served with food left over! No one can explain exactly how there was enough food :-).

7. Day at the Beach: We wish you all could have been there to see the joy on
the kids’ faces as they ran into the ocean, played in the sand, flew kites, ate a meal…it was a day we won’t forget!

8. Seeking God: Each night they have devotional time which begins with prayer,
transitions into a lesson where we saw the older children writing away in their prayer journals, and ends with prayer and praise. Their “Hallelujah” and “Thank you Jesus” still ring in our ears.

9. Prayer: Such examples! When Danni was sick one day, two girls asked her how she was, then without hesitation said “let’s pray”. This is one example among many. May we be as quick to pray as them!

10. Hugs & Smiles & Love & Gifts: Every time we saw them we were greeted with “Praise the Lord” and hugs…and smiles…and everything they could think of to give us. We were truly blessed more than we blessed.
What a privilege and joy to partner with them!