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The Adoption Gift

Written by Suzy Roth

Among all the holiday bustle and craziness, 2 years ago Jim and Karen Snyder were reminded of what is truly important and given a gift they will never forget. For a number of years Karen had felt a tug from God to adopt a child; however, they were very busy taking care of their 5 biological children: Caleb, Alecia, Sophie, Natalia, and Bella. In 2009 Jim and Karen knew the time was right to begin the process of adopting from Russia. They began the process around the middle of the year.

One of the huge hurdles with adoption can be financial. About partway through the process, they were encouraged by their adoption agency to switch to another region in Russia which would require the cost to be higher than previously expected. Friends and family communicated they would like to help. So, although Jim and Karen knew they did not need a Hands of Hope adoption grant or loan, they took advantage of another service from Hands of Hope. They filled out a shortened application to set up an account where friends and family could donate toward their adoption and have the donation be tax-deductible.

December 4th the Snyder family first saw a picture of their new son. They could not wait to travel and bring him into their family! After initially being hopeful it would happen sooner, by the beginning of December they were wondering if they would even meet him before the New Year. Then, December 21st they received the good news that they would travel December 26th! As most people were busy with presents and Christmas parties, the Snyder family made arrangements for donations for the orphanage, found friends to care for their other children, and starting packing. On March 5th, 2010 Christian David came home forever to the family God had planned for him when he was born.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus came to bring hope and light to the world. 2 years ago Jim and Karen brought hope and light to a child and, in the process, were given a Christmas gift of their son Christian David that will bless them forever.