Term: Open, Semi-Open and Closed Adoption

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I know I said we would only be covering one term per week, but…

This week’s a “blue-light special on aisle 3” kind of term.
It’s a “300% off discount” kind of term.
It’s a “triple coupon”- for all my Extreme Couponers out there, kind of term.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is not to worry; you can’t beat this three-for-one deal with a stick!
So here we go:

#1: Open Adoption:
An open adoption is, in most cases*, one in which personal contact information, pictures and ongoing face-to-face and/or phone or email contact, between the triad members (the biological parents, the adoptive parents and the child) are continued throughout the child’s life.

#2: Semi-Open Adoption:
A semi-open adoption is more limited in terms of communication. Typically, only photos and occasional updates are shared between the triad members. In addition, due to the more private nature of this type of adoption, most communication occurs through a third party.

#3: Closed Adoption:
A closed adoption is one in which no identifying information is shared. In some cases, if available, the adoptive parents will receive background information concerning their child and his/her biological family.

See? What’d I tell you?
Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy!

*These definitions are meant to serve only as a general outline. Please check with your adoption agency to best determine their specific practices regarding each of these terms.