Term: International Adoption

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International Adoption:
International adoptions are those in which the child being adopted was either born in or is a native of a different country.

On the surface, the definition of today’s term may seem pretty similar to the current state of most of our yards, i.e., it’s pretty cut and dry. However, I’ve decided it’s high time for a little rainfall, or in our case, for some additional tidbits of relating information.

So without further adieu, I give you, some ABC’s of international adoption*:

Adoption program requirements and restrictions
Each country’s program is different and everything from required family size to individual body mass index may be listed here. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the country’s most current program.

Become organized
There are piles of paperwork involved with any adoption, but with international adoptions, the load can sometimes seem overwhelming. While it doesn’t completely alleviate the problem, being prepared will help lighten the load. Get in the habit of making copies of all your important paperwork such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, any applications, etc. Also, make sure you keep any and all receipts relating to the adoption process (these can be used to certify your tax credit the year in which your adoption becomes finalized).

It’s important to be realistic about costs. While the fees involved with international adoptions are often more predictable than those of domestic adoptions, they may require multiple trips to and/or lengthy stays in the country you’re adopting from.

*Please note the “ABC’s of international adoption” are intended only as general guidelines. Please consult your social services department or adoption agency for further information.