Supply and Demand

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Supply and demand.

Yes, it’s a fundamental concept of economics, but don’t let your eyes glaze over just yet!
Let me explain what I’m getting at in this case.

• According to the United Nations, more than 35 percent of Salvadoran children are unable to attend secondary education because they must work to help support their families.

• Many children in rural communities begin working on sugar and coffee plantations, in domestic services or as street vendors as early as 6 years old.

• Numerous families living in rural El Salvador live on less than $1 per day.

Each one of these facts serves as evidence of a definitive demand.

The question is, what do we supply?

In the case of this organization, we work to supply hope.

Hands of Hope just finished our fall supply drive and this year the investment is being poured into each one of our five partner orphanages throughout the world. Individuals and families throughout Hamilton County came together in a united effort to provide the children with items of necessity as well as enjoyment.

Here’s a list of what was gathered:

ball, small 10

bandaids 300

binder, 1″ with plastic dividers 2

body wash, travel 24

book, board, gently used 10

book, board, new 12

book, coloring 3

book, hard cover 12

comb 2

deodorant 38
eraser 16

eraser, novelty 6

eraser, pencil top 25

favors, party 6

floss 6

hat, winter 1

lip balm/gloss 19

lotion, travel 36

markers, washable 56

notebook 48

notebook/pad, small, novelty 13

notes, sticky 2

pencil 146

pencil, colored 48

pens, ink 174

ruler 4

sanitizer, hand, travel 28

sketch pad 3

soap, bar 73

socks, boys 80

socks, girls 38

tissue, travel size 15

tooth brush 7

toothbrush, travel set 20

toothpaste 16

toothpaste, travel size 5

toy, car, hot wheels 1

toy, jump rope & jacks set 1

toy, pet shop set 1

toy, plastic jet, med 1

toy, slinky, small 5

toy, stuffed, medium size 2

toy, water squirter 1

toy, wood train, medium 1

underwear, boys boxers 39

underwear, girls 183

wash cloth 92

workbook, math 5

To learn more about how to contribute to our next supply drive, please contact us at