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This is the story of Divya, a woman that has grown up in the care of Faith In Deeds International, one of our partner children homes. Divya is a dear, sweet girl. When she was little, both of her parents died from AIDS. She herself is HIV positive and her remaining family wanted nothing to do with her. They blamed her for the death of her parents and viewed her as a curse on their family. In 2006, Divya’s grandmother abandoned her outside of the Faith In Deeds children’s home gate when she was just five years old. Divya found love, acceptance, and the family she always wanted there. Most importantly, she found hope that could never again be taken away from her in Jesus Christ.

Divya has a compassionate heart for others–especially little children. She remembers the hurt she experienced as a little child and never wants another child to have to experience that same hurt. She loves to sing, pray, and dance. She just finished the tenth grade (which is completing high school in India) and now plans on studying to become a nurse. She wants to learn how to help people in their physical needs and eventually start a children’s home of her own so she can help rescue more children and share Jesus’ love with them.

An important part of Divya’s time growing up at the children’s home has been the relationship that she has developed with her sponsor family. They have faithfully prayed for Divya and her classmates for 6 years. They have written encouraging notes to her and in return, Divya prays for them. This sponsor family’s faithful financial support has helped Faith In Deeds Ministry to continue to provide for Divya’s daily needs and others like her.

We are proud of Divya, and know that she will go far. We are thankful for her sponsor family who has played such an important role in her life as they continue to encourage and pray for her. Join us in praying for Divya today that she would stay the course. If you want to make a difference in the life of a child just like Divya, consider sponsoring! If you want to help the mission of Faith In Deeds continue, we encourage you to make a one time gift below.

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