Recommended Reading

Books Related to Adoption and Care of Vulnerable Children

Recommended Books

Below are a list of recommend books related to adoption and care of vulnerable children. Another excellent resource for books is Tapestry Books. Please note that if you purchase from Amazon Smile and select “Hands of Hope Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry” as your charity of choice, every book you purchase will help vulnerable kids.

Helping Your Child Tell Their Story

All In Orphan Care: Jason Jonson

Before You Were Mine: Susan TeBos, Carissa Woodwyk

I’m Chocolate You’re Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Bi-racial Children in a Race-Conscious World: Marguerite A. White

In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories : Rita J. Simon, Rhonda M. Roorda

Journey of the Adopted Self: Betty Jean Lifton

The Beauty and Brokenness of Foster Care: Jason Johnson

With Eyes Wide Open: Margi Miller, Nancy Ward

International Adoption

Adopting in China: A Practical Guide/An Emotional Journey: Kathleen Wheeler, Doug Werner

Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child: Patty Cogen

The Lost Daughters of China: Karin Evans

There is no me without you: Melissa Fay Greene

Somewhere in China a Mother Remembers: Anita M. Andrew

Children’s Books

A Mother for Choco: Keiko Kasza

Doggie Doesn't Know No: Cindy R Lee (And other books by Cindy Lee - all based on Karen Purvis' concepts)

God Found Us You: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Happy Adoption Day: John McCutcheon

I Don’t Have Your Eyes: Carrie Kitze

I Wished for You: an Adoption Story: Marianne R Richmond

Over the Moon: Karen Katz

Shaoey and Dot - Bug meets Bundle: Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman

So Many Special Families: Korynn Wible-Freels

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born: Jamie Lee Curtis

The Adoption Tree: Kimberly James

The Invisible String: Patrice Karst

The Long Ride: Don Regier

Waiting for May: Janet Morgan Stoeke

We Belong Together: Todd Parr

We See the Moon: Carrie Kitze