Rain on Me

Hands of Hope Blog

I will be the first to admit, I’m not a huge fan of rain. I think I’ve just had one too many embarrassing moments involving puddles, a large vehicle and innocent me walking along the sidewalk. Over the last few months though, God has really been working with me to recognize and even yearn for the splendor of a drizzly day. From the safety and, I should mention, dry cover of my apartment’s balcony, I am able to sit, silently watching as millions of tiny droplets of water rinse away layers of built up dirt and dust. Slowly, the unique texture and shade of each leaf, once again, becomes visible.

How often do we allow the trials and tribulations of life to pile on, layer by layer, until our spirits simply fail, crushed by the weight of our pride? Each morning we gaze into the mirror, but instead of joy, we see disappointment. Instead of courage, there’s fear. We brush our teeth with financial goals and clothe ourselves in deadlines. If something unexpected or seemingly negative happens, we’re quick to pile on another layer.

But what would happen if we took just a moment to humbly and unhurriedly stand in the rain? What if we finally allowed God’s presence to wash over us? Perhaps then, like the leaves on those trees, the mountainous layers of disappointment and fear we’ve piled on would begin to fade and our true beauty through Him could once again be seen.