Powerful Possibilities with CarePortal

Hands of Hope Blog

Hands of Hope Executive Director Suzy Roth often says, “There are powerful possibilities when we work together.” This truth is continuously on display with the CarePortal platform.

CarePortal is an online resource that acts as a bridge between the Department of Child Services (DCS) and church/community partners. Here’s how it works: DCS case managers input requests for families, such as beds, sheets, school uniforms, or help with rent. Churches and other community partners select the request they are able to meet, providing one-to-one care for those in need.

Marion County and Madison County alone have 21 churches working together to meet these needs. That’s 21 churches from varying denominational backgrounds coming together to improve the lives of kids and families in their community. Difference doesn’t have to mean division; difference can also create determination. And that’s what we see happening in Central Indiana every single day because of the CarePortal.

The best part is that these connections enable churches to create long-term relationships with families, providing emotional support along with material support. This brings dignity to those who often feel sidelined by their circumstances.

Indiana native, Jane Wiley, has become a vocal advocate for the benefits of CarePortal. She quickly saw what could be leveraged through strategic partnerships, so she was excited to help serve as a church coordinator when Liberty University’s head football coach reached out. Now there is an entire football team of young men in Lynchburg, Virginia providing for families in Central Indiana. Jane has learned how to use the internet for good, connecting college-aged athletes with families in need.

Suzy Roth is right: there are powerful possibilities when we work together. You can be part of the impact that’s happening in your community too. Learn how to get involved with CarePortal by clicking here.

Written By: Maggie Johnson