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The kids at Faith In Deeds, our partner orphanage in India, are thankful to have the opportunity to go to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned and fixed. Please read the letter sent to Hands of Hope from Dana & Thomas, who are the directors of Faith In Deeds.

Dear Hands of Hope,

We again want to express our sincere gratitude to you! This time we are thanking you for providing the funds for every child to receive much-needed dental care. First we found a local Dentist with a good reputation, clean facility, and one who has the patience to handle 36 children of all ages. After Thomas talked with the Dentist for some time, they agreed upon a discount for each of our children. Its a good thing Thomas negotiated beforehand because 7 of our children had to have teeth pulled and 25 had cavities filled. Before coming to the children’s home, none of our children had ever used a toothbrush, not to mention fluoride toothpaste.

The children all handled their cleaning and dental work very well. This was the first visit to the dentist for every single one of them. In fact, none of our children had even heard of a dentist before. Professionals here usually don’t give children the time of day, especially children of this socioeconomic status. We were very thankful to this Dentist who even took the time to teach the children about proper dental hygiene. Of course we have explained this to them many times before, but it was beneficial having them see a short demonstration and then get to practice on the big fake teeth.

As you probably already know, dental health effects the health of the whole body. By teaching and providing proper dental care for these children, we are taking big steps in the betterment of their overall health. Hands of Hope, once again, thank you for making this possible!

Blessings in Christ,

Dana & Thomas
Faith in Deeds Ministry

Dentist Office

Johnny gets a Cleaning

Dental Hygiene Teaching

Elijah Did Great

Elijahs Cavities

Johnny After his appointment