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New Exodo Champion

I want to thank all of our Exodo sponsors for being so wonderful to work with over the past several years. I have enjoyed being the Exodo Champion and working closely with the staff and children at Exodo. However, going forward I will be focusing my time and energy with Hands of Hope as the Adoption Champion. I will miss working with all of you, but I am very excited to introduce you to Kathleen Gannon, who will be the new Exodo Champion. Kathleen has been very involved with Exodo and Hands of Hope over the past few years. She has a wonderful relationship with the director, the tias and the children at Exodo and will do a fanastic job taking over this role. I know that you will all love working with her!

-- Gretchen Stanley

Meet Kathleen Gannon

Hello, my name is Kathleen Gannon and I am honored to be transitioning into the role of the new Champion of Exodo for Hands of Hope Adoption & Orphan Care Ministries.

The staff and children at Exodo have become very near to my heart over the past few years. I immediately fell in love with the children, Tia's and staff after arriving at Exodo on my first Hands of Hope trip in June of 2014. Since that time I have participated in four trips to Exodo and will be visiting the kids again in a few weeks with my husband. My husband Kevin joined me this past January on the first Hands of Hope trip to Exodo that stayed onsite at the orphanage in the retreat center. He quickly became connected with the children and staff and together we sponsor three of the boys and four of the girls (who happen to all be sisters).

We are committed to all of the children and staff members at Exodo and considered them all to be an extension of our family. One of my goals as the Champion of Exodo is to be a resource to promote and strengthen communication between the children at Exodo and their sponsors. I will be forwarding information to each of you on ways to communicate with your sponsored child and some updates on several exciting ways God is working to improve the lives of all the Children at Exodo.

I am very grateful to Gretchen Stanley and Suzy Roth for sharing this opportunity with me and ensuring a smooth transition. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Exodo family and am thrilled to see what God has in store for the future of the children at Exodo.


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