Natalie’s Story

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Handwritten by Natalie Gilberts/Transcribed by Deanna Gilberts

Dear Adoption Familys, I was Adopted when I was about 15 days old. I grew up with 2 brothers although I have 3. My Parents Accepted me as if I had been born into thier family by natural childbirth. As I was growing up I was disaplined and treated the same way my brothers were and it was a blessing to me. After the years went by and I was old enough to understand adoption, I started to talk about it more with my Parents, and Learn more about it. I am so Thankful They adopted me. When I was 4 yrs old I went to see my BirthMother. I was Little But I knew what was going on. The visits with my BirthMother have continued, and I have enjoyed Them so much. I am very grateful To my BirthMother for making that very hard decision, to give a Precious gift away but she did and I am forever thankful and grateful. I am also very appriciative to my Parents Jeff and Deanna Gilbert for pursuing adoption, and pulling through evan though it went downhill somtimes, they waited they were pataint and they pulled through after 3 yrs of waiting. I am so happy in the family I’m in and so grateful, I just can’t explain how happy I am In this family! Thank You Lord Jesus for guiding us and watching after us thank you!

Adoption Familys,

You may not be sure of what to do yet? But God will come through. Wait be patient…wait for God.

I Love My MOM and DAD and My BROTHERS SO Much I couldn't ask for more.

THANK YOU thank you!

Thanks Jesus!