KIley’s Story

Hands of Hope Blog

My family and I first decided to sponsor a young man named Slavik from the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine last December. Something had been pulling on my heart strings for the boys of Ukraine for a few years and I was finally made aware through Grace Church that we could sponsor one of these amazing children. Since then we have also picked up sponsorship for two additional boys, Kolya and Victor.

Sponsorship is so important to our family for several reasons. It teaches our sons how wonderful God is, how He has blessed us and how we can pray for their "brothers" in Ukraine. I desire to serve God and take care of His children who can not escape their own circumstances. The boys at Romaniv are all severely disabled, both mentally and physically. In Ukraine, having a disability alienates you from the world but thanks to Romaniv and the sponsorship of others, these boys are shown the love and care they deserve.

Ukraine is a cold, war-torn country. Sponsoring the boys at Romaniv reminds me that we may be all that these boys have. We may be their only hope, their only way to Jesus. We may be the only people who pray for them every day and celebrate their birthdays at home even though they may never know that. I know God meant for me to sponsor these three boys for a reason. They have made my world a better place. I dream of the day I can be with them and hug them and tell them how much their "mom" loves them! They may not know who I am now, but I will be eternally with them in Heaven some day and they will know exactly who I am then!

by Kiley Thomson