Kids Against Hunger: Part One

Hands of Hope Blog

Imagine you are standing in the grocery store.

The sounds of carts rattling past and children’s pleading voices in the candy aisle fill your ears.

You walk over to the breakfast aisle and as usual, you find that for six feet to the right and left of you, piled five shelves high, there sits every kind of cereal you can imagine. Every brand, every price point, every flavor, they have all been accounted for. As you glance to your left, you see a family of four with their youngest ogling over a brightly colored box of chocolate covered rice puffs while on your right a younger couple is in deep conversation concerning the nutritional content of the newest organic bran cereal.

Pretty typical right?

Now imagine that same scene, but wipe the shelves clean. Instead of 12 feet of cereal, there is one box. After a quick investigation, you discover that not only is there just one box of cereal, but in the subsequent aisles there is also only one loaf of bread, one gallon of milk, one carton of eggs – one of each of the items you need.

Different yes, but still no big deal really.
I mean, it’s just you right? One of each item would work perfectly.

Now look to the right and left of you. That hungry child and his family and the health-conscious couple are still there, but this time you notice they are all looking at the same item you are… wondering which person out of the seven of you is going to eat that day.

Now what do you do?

Post to be continued Thursday, October 18th.