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Trip Details

New Song Mission is home-based with a goal to provide holistic care: physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual. Their goal is to have children who otherwise would have to enter the foster care system come live at New Song. The New Song campus is built and maintained primarily by volunteers.

Summer Trips

During the summer, New Song primarily host Summer Adventure camps for underserved children as a way to introduce the campus to children and families who might benefit from the on-site campus during the academic year.  The primary need for the summer time is maintenance support for the 100-acre campus.


New Song Mission in Brown County, Indiana


Summer 2023 based on interest.  Details will be developed in Spring 2023.


Previously $60

Age Range

This is a great trip for families of children 10 and older.

$35/month covers basic necessities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsorship program allows YOU to be a significant influence in the life of one of these children! What makes the sponsorship different?

100% of funds received go directly to children's home

Funds support all the children at the home

Focus is literal or societal orphans who are not currently adoptable

Opportunity for a more personal relationship through mission trips, letters, and care packages

Please prayerfully consider being the “Hands of Hope” for a child in need!

About New Song

New Song Mission offers loving homes and a private education for vulnerable, fatherless, and impoverished children. The New Song campus is fantastic news for children who deserve a second chance at childhood.