Fundraising Ideas

How To Raise Money

Fundraising Ideas

Below are ideas on how to raise money for your trip.

Tell everyone you know what you are doing!

Send letters to family, friends, and business acquaintances asking for donations for your adoption expenses. Provide address of agency so gifts can be anonymous.

Start a money saving jar.

Have a big garage sale with donated items. Ask a local business or your church if you can hold it in their parking lot. Find a good location!

Host a dinner, have entertainment, and charge admission. Sell hotdogs and drinks at Home Depot or Lowes. Work at a sporting event concession—requires a non-profit status.

Mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, walk dogs/dog sit.

Have a carnival for kids with games, cupcake walk, bingo, popcorn or sodas, face painting booth, basketball throw, etc. Charge a small fee for each activity.

Have a craft or bake sale with donated items.

Hold a Both Hands Fundraiser

Hold a Thredbed Fundraiser

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