Exploratory Trip to La Entrada, Honduras

Hands of Hope Blog

“Change a heart, change a life, change a nation.” Gretchen Stanley and Suzy Roth took an exploratory trip to Honduras and were truly amazed at the life change and impact Tree of Life Ministries is having there. In a country with 70% unemployment, roughly 70% of the graduates from their school find full time work as teachers, pastors, etc. in Honduras. Even more important, when the children leave they go away with the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ. Through small group times and twice/week services they grow in their faith and over 90% are still active in their faith after they graduate. By serving in the remote villages, the students are taught that they have value and something to offer. Tree of Life has recently been approved by the government of Honduras to have an orphanage for K-6th graders. Hands of Hope is excited to be a partner in helping as this gets started. The children from the orphanage will then feed directly into the current school.