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Exodo Sponsorship Update


Transition Home

Hands of Hope, with your help, partnered with Exodo to construct a new transition home for older children. The transition home gives older children the opportunity to live semi-independent in a safe environment to prepare them for adulthood that is just around the corner. Iris Duran, the director of Exodo, is very grateful to everyone who has contributed to Exodo to help make this new home a reality for the older children. The home is set to be finished in the coming month.

Summer 2014 Trip

In June 2014, Hands of Hope sent a group to El Salvador to spend 4 days with the kids at Exodo.   The main goal of this year's trip was to deepen relationships with the kids at Exodo.   Deepening relationships requires time, side by side, with the kids.   One activity, requiring lots of time, was baking cupcakes with the kids for the birthday party that would happen at the end of the week.   For two days, several team members and older kids worked together to make the cup cakes.   The outcome was a tasty success.   Another activity that required side by side team work with some of the older kids was painting and remodeling in a building renovation project.   The kids and team members enjoyed getting their hands dirty to improve the facilities at Exodo.   Finally, team members held mock interviews with the older boys and girls to give them experience in how to conduct themselves in a job interview.   The time spent with the kids proved to be a fun bonding time.   

In addition to spending time with the kids to build relationships, several team members had the opportunity to talk about relationships with the older kids.    Relationships are tough in the pre-teen and teen years and this time together was a source of healing for many of the kids who needed to talk through some difficult subjects.   The team members encouraged and prayed with several kids.

Finally, one of the exciting moments on the trip was the time spent together at a local resort basking in the sun and playing in the pool with 50+ kids.   While it's a lot of work to keep an eye on everyone, it was a great way to play, eat and bond with the kids in a fun and safe environment.  The kids had the opportunity to be kids for the day.

All in all, the trip was full of moments where God healed, encouraged and blessed all those involved.   The Kingdom of God was strengthened because relationships were built centered around Christ.  

Writing Your Child

You have the opportunity to send a letter via email to your sponsor child. You can send the email to info@handsofhopein.org. Please be sure to include your name, your child's name and Exodo in your email.


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