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Romaniv Sponsorship Update


Thank You

We are so excited to report that the new building on the orphanage grounds has completed the first phase of construction and is being used daily by the boys.  Special funding from the Hands of Hope Golf Outing was gifted to accomplish this huge need. The boys were living most hours of the day in a small and poorly ventilated building. This new facility has a large multi-purpose room, classrooms, and modern bathroom and shower facilities for their use. It is huge answer to prayer, and a significant improvement to the quality of their daily lives. God is so good! Thank you! 


We are thrilled that Jed and Kim Johnson and their family have joined forces with Mission to Ukraine and Hands of Hope for the care and advocacy of "our boys" at Romaniv orphanage. They have moved their young family, including their 4 children to Zhitomir, Ukraine and are making a huge difference not only in the boys' lives but in so many other significant ways as well. Please check out their website to hear their story, pray for their ministry and see photos of the boys: www.wideawakefamily.org 

Prayer Requests

Please pray for peace for Ukraine and the end to military conflict that threatens every aspect of life for those who live there. While the current situation is difficult for all in Ukraine, it is so much more so for those who are already marginalized in that society, specifically orphans, widows and the poor.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!

Lois Teeter, Romaniv Champion


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