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Plan Escalon Sponsorship Update



The kids at Plan Escalon will be finishing up the school year at the beginning of November. In September, the seniors left campus for their internships with businesses throughout the area. They will be gone for four to six weeks while they gain valuable hands on experience.  Also, September was Civics month for schools in Honduras. Students participated in activities throughout the month that promoted national pride, patriotism and their civil duties as citizens.
One day at the beginning of October, the usual afternoon rain turned into a tropical storm with powerful winds. It ripped through the area and in what were literally only minutes, took down several trees in and around the Escalon campus, taking down power lines and lifted up the roofing in the back corner of the office/computer lab building near the boys dorms, exposing one of the computer labs to the elements. Praise God that funds were provided within days to pay for the needed repairs.

Prayer Requests

Plan Escalon is in the middle of working on next year's big construction project for new dorms for the students. It is a big undertaking and they will have to start the school year in the middle of it all.  Please pray for the funds needed and peace for the staff and students, as much flexibility and adjustments will be needed.  Also, please pray for the end of the school year to go well and pray for safety as the kids return home to their families.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers!

Cindy Schwefel, Plan Escalon Champion


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