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Faith in Deeds Sponsorship Update

Faithful Faith in Deeds Child Sponsor, 

When Thomas was 10 years old, living himself in an orphanage in India, twin baby girls were brought into the orphanage. One was ill and needed immediate attention and everyone gathered around her. Meanwhile Thomas was off to the side and noticed the other baby was left all alone and was beginning to cry. When nobody came to her aid, Thomas placed his hand on her little cheek and she grabbed hold of his finger and smiled. Before this, Thomas didn't have any interest in the little ones, but in one moment Thomas' heart was won over. He has cared for little ones ever since. Now Thomas is an adult and is the Director of the children’s home in India, Faith in Deeds. You are one of the many people that encourage Thomas today to continue to care for the forgotten little ones in India. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, encouragement and child sponsorships of Faith In Deeds. 

Prayer Requests

Did I ever tell you how really hard it is to be a missionary? Here are two prayer requests. First, for Thomas, Dana, and their newborn daughter, Leighanna, to be able to fly to the US this past Christmas, Dana & Leighanna’s exit permits would not be approved in India, without paying bribes. Now, Thomas has returned to India, but Dana is still waiting for Leighanna's overseas citizenship, so she can get back into India. Secondly, there was a tremendous answer to prayer when God provided the land for an orphanage, and the money to build the first building. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get the necessary building permits and build yet, because their local government is shut down with on-going strikes and protests. At the same time, their current landlord will not extend their lease and they must be out by May 1st. They are currently weighing through the pros and cons of the various temporary housing options. There is nothing quite like the burden of providing shelter for 50 children that will drive you to your knees. 


Recently, two Hands of Hope Board Members returned from a short term mission trip to Faith in Deeds in India. Here are two excerpts of what Steve Jansen had to say: 
I never could have imagined the spiritual growth and connection I would have with Christ as well as

the kids of Faith in Deeds. I will also never forget the first time I witnessed this group of children pray. The kids range in age from 2 to 17, and they had the most focused intense prayer that I think I have ever experienced. I know our whole team was blown away and in follow up it has affected our own prayer life. The kids prayed in a language that we could not understand (Telegu), so I do not know what their prayers consisted of, but I do know that they were connected to Christ and their prayer was real. At times, if they ever slowed down, they would open their prayer journals that they have, look through it and keep on praying. To experience the children’s prayers every night was truly a life changing experience. The story that impacted me the most was the relationship of Prasad and Andrew. Prasad has muscular dystrophy, and sits on the floor all day, no longer able to play all the games the other kids do, but you would never find him without a smile on his face and willing to offer "Praise the Lord”. His buddy Andrew is maybe a year older then Prasad, but they are close. One evening Thomas asked our team to perform mock job interviews with some of the older kids as they will be entering the job market in the near future. Someone on our team asked Andrew, "How often he was late to school, and if we hire you, will you be late to work?” Andrew answered, "Five times,” and we all thought it didn’t look good to be late so often. Then Andrew went on to say, "I am late to school, because I carry Prasad to school, on my back.” WOW! Tears flowed and we were humbled by this young man’s unselfish service to his good friend. 

Thank you for your partnership in making a difference in a child's life! 

With blessings,
Phil Arnold, Faith In Deeds Champion


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