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Plan Escalon Sponsorship Update

Faithful Plan Escalon Child Sponsor,
We are incredibly grateful for you and your investment in the children at Plan Escalon! Below are some updates, prayer requests, and opportunities for Plan Escalon. 


  • Tree of Life is the sole overseer of the elementary school in Nueva Esperanza. Three Instituto Arbol de Vida graduates have been sent to teach the 82 students, ranging in age from 5 to 13. TOLM not only oversees the education process of this community, but also provides regular food supplements, along with improving their water supply last year.

  • Addition of a daycare/prekinder learning center for the children of staff members. The goal is to introduce them early on to better learning patterns and preparation for elementary school, giving them the head start that many take for granted elsewhere. The sobering realization is that many in the culture of Honduras have yet to understand the importance of early mental stimulation in the lives of infants and toddlers. This is a promising area of growth and we are excited at its success.

Prayer Requests

  • Financial increases. 
  • Attacks of serious health issues in the leadership and students already this year, but praise God they have ended with Praise Reports.


  • Receive monthly prayer requests for Hands of Hope which always include one or more for Plan Escalon. Email us at info@handsofhopein.org to get on the prayer list.
  • If going on the trip, please let the trip leaders, Kurt and Joy Lorch, know so you can meet with your sponsored child while on the trip.
Thank you for your partnership in making a difference in a child's life! 
With blessings, Hands of Hope Team


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