Giving a child a forever home is one of life's most joyous endeavors.  You make plans, sacrifice and love deeply, knowing that you are making a difference in a precious life.  As your child begins to feel safe within your family, sometimes there are "new" revelations of his past, which may include neglect, deep emotional wounds or even physical traumas.  These can manifest themselves through learning delays, inattention, poor social skills, and even anger-filled tantrums.  Perhaps you are not quite as prepared for the impact his/her past is having on his/her future and your family.  This can be an exhausting and confusing time as you search for resources to help you and your child work through very real and unique challenges. 

Hands of Hope Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry desires to support your family with hope and compassion.  We pray the resources listed below will be of help to you.

For Central Indiana specific counseling and international specialist referrals, please email us.

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