Mom's Night

As a mother of three, there is very little time to have adult, kid free conversation. Donít get me wrong, I love and adore my kids (2 of whom are adopted internationally), but I crave time with other women that can help refuel my parenting passion and support me in my parenting struggles. The Hands of Hope Adoptive Momís Night provides exactly what I need!

It is a privilege to listen to other momís tell their childrenís adoption stories with a smile and sometimes tears of joy, which is usually how each gathering usually begins. Then, we gradually transition in to small talk of where our kids are in school, things they are involved in, concerns or questions they may have. But the conversation doesnít always revolve around our kids, we also talk about where we are in life and parenting and in our spiritual journey.

Adoptive momís night is a fun, low pressure environment in which I feel safe to share my worries, joys and parental triumphs! There is no agenda and itís very casual. The women are as good of listeners as they are talkers, which is wonderful! There is no obligation, just fellowship and a tasty beverage! What could be better!?

If you have not come to one of the gatherings, I encourage you to do so. The next gathering is at 7pm on July 30th at the Starbucks located at 13170 North Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel, IN.

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