DCS CarePortal Training

Module 1 – Getting Started


Module 1 Quiz

Answer the following question to test your understanding of Module 1.

Which of the following needs can CarePortal assist with?

CarePortal can be used to meet physical needs otherwise known as Tier 1 needs, which are needs that can be bought or donated to a family. CarePortal cannot be used for relational needs such as mentorship, childcare, employment, or housing (CarePortal can be used to help pay for childcare or rent assistance, but not to find or provide childcare or housing).

A kinship placement is needing a daycare fee paid by the time the child is picked up that same evening in order to keep the daycare spot and ensure the kinship is able to maintain placement.
A family has recently experienced hard times. The family has applied for SNAP for food assistance but have not received this assistance yet. The family does not has enough food for their family to make it through the weekend.
A family is in the process of reunifying. Parents do not have appropriate bedding for the children, and will need to obtain beds for their children, before the children are able to be placed home.

What MUST be completed prior to submitting a CarePortal Request?

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