DCS CarePortal Training

Module 1 – Get Started


What Can CarePortal Help with?

Indiana DCS utilizes CarePortal to meet physical needs, notated in the system as Tier 1 needs. These are needs that can be bought or donated. Here are some examples:

Car Seats

Example: A relative is willing to take placement, but needs a car seat in order to do so.


Example: A foster family is willing to take a large sibling set, but would need another set of bunk beds.


Example: An unlicensed relative has had placement of child(ren) for over a year, who have outgrown the clothing they initially received. The placement is on a fixed income and needs assistance to get the children clothing that will fit.


Example: A reunified family is doing well, but after paying their rental deposit, buying groceries, and getting necessities for their new home, they need assistance with their electric deposit and first bill.

Other Needs

Example: Families may also need furniture, appliances, school uniforms, home repairs, diaper/wipes, formula, bus passes, cleaning help, extermination, etc.

Level of Urgency

The level of urgency is when a need expires, or is no longer a need. There are three levels in CarePortal.


Needs met within 24 hours

A need is only considered critical if failure to meet the need in 24 hours would result in a higher level of DCS involvement and are rare. An example of a critical need is: a family is on disconnect notice for their electricity, failure to have this bill paid would result in the family being without power and a heat source for the family. It is winter and lack of power could result in removal of the children in the family.


Needs met within 72 hours

A need is considered high, if failure to meet the need in 72 hours could result in a higher level of DCS involvement. An example of a high need is: a single mother of a newborn will be discharged in the next few days from the hospital. The mom needs a crib for the baby to have a safe sleep environment.


Needs met within 7-10 days

A normal need is any need that does not have to be met within a few days to prevent a higher level of DCS involvement. The vast majority of requests that come through CarePortal should be designated as normal. An example of a normal need is: a teen will be moving into their own apartment through Collaborative Care and are in need of furniture for their new home.




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