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Applicants: Please send your resume and a cover letter to Casey Getzin at casey@handsofhopein.org before December 6th.

Church Engagement Specialist | Northwest

20 hours/week

Reporting to the Director of Church Engagement s/he will have operational responsibility for the church relationships
and engagement within the assigned region, including expansion, execution, and other duties deemed appropriate by
the Director of Church Engagement. This includes both recruiting new churches and ongoing shepherding and support
with local church leaders.


Support Engaged Churches in Region

  • Support and coach churches in developing and maintaining a Family Advocacy Ministry
  • Provide church coaching and consulting, as applicable, on Care Communities, CarePortal, events, service projects, and other opportunities
  • Meet regularly (at least annually) with churches within region
  • Gather input on and assist in creating additional resources & service opportunities for existing churches
  • Lead county church gatherings on a quarterly basis
  • Act as a liaison between churches and DCS/LCPAs
  • Track church engagement in online database

Expand Network of Churches in Region

  • Develop relationships with new churches, promoting Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) and partnership in the emerging foster care network in the region
  • Connect with and inform potential churches of opportunities to serve vulnerable children
  • Collaborate with Care Community and CarePortal staff to expand these programs

Coach County Liaisons

  • Recruit and shepherd County Liaisons within region
  • Assist County Liaisons, in collaboration with the County Liaison Manager, in engaging churches in their county
  • Work with the County Liaison Manager to lead collaborative gatherings of County Liaisons in region


The Church Engagement Specialist must be thoroughly committed to Hands of Hope’s mission and should have relational and administrative skills as well as high moral integrity. This individual should have a passion for mobilizing churches and organizations to care for vulnerable children and experience in project leadership. Other qualifications include:


  • Passion, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and committed to Jesus
  • Self-initiator, committed to follow through and able to work independently
  • Strengths in communication, easily interact and connect with new individuals
  • Familiarity with Microsoft/Google applications
  • Willingness to travel throughout designated region as needed
  • Self-directed, attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree