Adoption by Elaina Harris

I donít really think about being adopted. My parents adopted me when I was a newborn baby and brought me home from the hospital. They have always been my mom and dad and my family is the only one I have ever known. I am the oldest of three children. My sister is two years younger than me and was also adopted. In fact, we have the same birth parents. I never have really thought about that much, but as I have gotten older I think that is a pretty cool thing and am glad God put us in the same family. I have a younger brother too. He is 7 Ĺ years younger than me, and we adopted him from Russia.

Adoption is just how our family came together. When my friends find out that I was adopted they think itís kind of cool, but I just never consider it. For me this is just how I came to be a part of my family. We are all born into different families, and thatís true for me and my sister and brother too. To me, this is my normal.

By Elaina Harris
Age 14

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