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Meals for Brenda Zachmann

Hello Hospitality Team!

I hope you are all staying warm this week!  At the Adoptive Moms Night in January, I met Brenda Zachmann.  She adopted a girl from China who is deaf.  They were in a sledding accident together last week.  Brenda broke her pelvis on both sides, and had to have surgery for 4 hours with many pins and plates put in.  LuWen, her daughter, had a head injury and was taken off the respirator 4 days ago and seems to be coming out of the woods.  I know they would really appreciate our prayers! 

They could also use help with meals for the next several weeks.  Here is a link to their Meal Train.  If you have never used it before, you just sign up for an account and then sign up for a date to deliver a meal.  If you would rather bring me a frozen meal to take to them, I will collect those as well and deliver them to the family within the next two weeks.  They are a family of 6.


Thank you for loving on our adoptive families!  You are all such a blessing!
Gretchen Stanley


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