You're Fostering Too

You're Fostering Too

Posted on January 17, 2022
To Our People:

You’re fostering too.

I’ve watched you do it.

When you brought dinner. When you delivered iced coffee. When you hugged me and told me you are proud of me. When you stopped by, unannounced, to bring diapers and wipes. Did you know I was standing in the kitchen, making tomorrow’s bottles, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate when you knocked at the door?

Did you know then that you were fostering too?

The night you came over and held one baby, so I could bathe another. The time you sent the bag of clothes and toys. The day you mailed that card and told me all the things I didn’t realize I needed to hear. That one evening you texted me to tell me you were on your way to the grocery and you asked me what I needed. The days you came to do the dishes and fold the laundry. The many times you've given us the gift of time; did you know you're fostering too?

You may not have spent one single day preparing your home for a home study or one sleepless night feeding a fatherless baby, but when you come alongside those that do, when you stand with those that are, you are fostering too.

You’re fostering love, compassion and mercy.

You’re fostering brotherhood and sisterhood.

You’re fostering understanding, empathy, justice and joy.

You're fostering too.

You’re fostering hope.

You’re fostering community.

You didn’t necessarily sign up for it, but you’ve stepped into it and you’re fostering too.

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Written By: Amy Jo Fox