With a passion for making cards and a desire to serve, the ladies in a Grace Community Church small group decided to get involved in Hands of Hope. Throughout the fall they made individualized birthday cards for each of the children at Faith in Deeds orphanage in Indi a. While doing this they read about the children and prayed for them. They took into account the age of the children, their siblings, and gender as carefully crafting the cards as a demononstration of God’s love. In Kokomo, there is a program called “We Care” where people bid on items to benefit the poor. The last item to be bid on, which always gets the highest price, is the Hope Doll. At Faith in Deeds there is a child named Hope. This year this group fell in love with a real orphan who now has hope due to being a part of a loving Christian orphanage and individuals like those in this group who, though far away, care for and pray for her.

During the Weekend of Service, the group went on to make Christmas cards for the children at Exodo in San Salvador. In preparation, they got Spanish Christmas phrases to put into the cards for the children. Again, they did this in conjunction with reading about and praying for the children. In their estimate they put in 28 hours of effort making the Christmas cards.

As a direct result of jumping in and serving, God has used this to grow each of their passions for orphans, specifically the children in these orphanages who they now know by face and name. Dianne Goble, one of the leaders of the group, described it this way: I have “fallen in love” with some of these children and “my heart feels big towards this ministry.” The group has decided to continue having an impact every month as they sponsor one of the children at Faith in Deeds. Their story is a reminder to all of us that if we offer God what we have the result blesses others and us, often in ways we do not expect!

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