Christmas in Ethiopia - Christmas Card Project Update

N/L (Orphanage in Ethopia)

The celebration was conducted on January 4, 2009, Sunday at 10:00am, before 3 days of the Holiday. 46 children with their family were attending the program. In addition, there were 5 guests during the celebration time. Before starting the program the committee member were distributing the Christmas Gift to the sponsored children. The gift was three litters of food oil and 2 kilos /4 packets of pasta. After the distribution, the guests came and started the program by saying few words by Elli and singing a song. They were also teaching Christmas Songs to the children, and have told them about the birth of “Jesus Christ” and they sing a song, after that the children, guests and families have taken the snack and soft drinks. Lastly, the children have received Christmas Cards from CHI (Children's Hope International), some of which were made as part of the Hands of Hope International Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry's Weekend of Service Project, and a gift from guests. The children have enjoyed very much with the occasion and the ceremony has finalized around 6:30p.m by giving thanks to the guests. At the end of the program the guests were going to Melat’s house, one of the sponsored children, and visit her with her family. She has 2 years old brother and she lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother has two daughters. Both of them are living with her. The grandmother’s husband has passed away 17 years ago and she lives with pension. Melat’s mother is working as a daily laborer and gets small amount of money for their living, she has no permanent income. Her husband died of HIV AIDS. The guests heard all the story of this family and stayed there for half an hour and then they returned to their guests house.

POC (Orphanage in Ethopia)

The celebration was conducted on January 5, 2008, Monday at 3:00pm.  Around 60 children with their families were participated on the program, the guests also attended.  Pastor Abrham, from Phares Orphanage Center, was leading the program and introduced them to the children.  After that the guests were singing a song, teaching Christmas songs to the Children, and have told them about “Jesus Christ” then they have distributed Christmas Gifts to them.  The children have received also Christmas Cards that come from CHI.  The children were so excited also with the snacks and soft drink. Not only that, the guests were playing different games with the children for an hour, during this time the Christmas gifts was distributed to their families of the sponsored children. The gift was household items, one spoon, one dish and three different size bawls to every sponsored child.  In addition to this special gift also given to some sponsored children according to their sponsors preference to the child.  The occasion was finalized around 5:30p.m

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