The Bell Family

Amy and Trent Bell started a family with the gift of their two sons during their earliest years of marriage. For some reason God had kept their hearts open to adoption over the years, but they werenít sure how that might play out and when would be the right time.

Godís answer was on the horizon. Following the tragic earthquake in Haiti, the Bells felt as though this tug on their hearts had been shaken to the surface once again - the time to adopt had come. They chose an agency with orphanages in Haiti, however, it soon became evident that adopting from Haiti would take years and could be halted due to having biological children already in the home. They struggled with whether they should continue waiting or if they should re-focus their attention on a country whose need was more immediate.

Through a series of events, God began to unfold the details of His plan and the Bells came to the decision to look elsewhere as they continued along their adoption journey. They desired to adopt two infant boys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who were either siblings or from the same area. During the home study, however, plans suddenly changed as Godís guiding hand led Trent to say they did not have any preference on age or sex of the children. They both felt as though God were instructing them to let go of any preconceived thoughts of what this adoption would or should be. Ultimately, they realized, it was not up to them.

After that, all it took was an instant - a picture of two young girls clearly in need of nourishment and care. ďIt wrecks you in a way you canít begin to explain.Ē With the help of a matching grant from Hands of Hope and faith that God would direct their steps, the Bells were able to bring their girls home approximately nine months later, two more gifts from God!

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