Term: Independent Adoption

Posted on June 07, 2012
Independent Adoption:

Iím sorry, but can I just say something before we get into the term for today? For some reason, every time I read that word, ďindependentĒ, I always repeat it in my head like Hermey from the 1964 version of Rudolph the Rose-Nose Reindeer:

ďIím IN-de-PEN-dent!Ē



So anyways.

Back to the definition...

Independent adoptions are those that do not go through a licensed agency, but rather are set-up using a third-party mediator of some sort. Typically, this tends to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Just as a side note: My Hermey thing at the beginning doesnít seem so crazy now right? I mean, in the movie, Hermey wanted to be a dentist, which, technically, is a type of doctor. So in actuality, Iím not just sharing embarrassing talking to myself moments, Iím also providing you with a useful memory aid. 

In independent adoptions, the mediator may choose to search out those birth mothers planning to place their child for adoption or they may choose to help birth mothers locate prospective families for their child.

*Please note independent adoptions are not legal in all states. Please check with your local department of social services prior to considering this option.

**Term information gathered via www.adoption.org (http://library.adoption.com/articles/adoption-terminology.html).