Term: Certificate of Adoption

Posted on August 16, 2012
Back to school.

It’s a stressful time of year.

Our days become consumed with packing lunches, making sure everyone gets to the bus on time, helping with homework and buying each item on the seemingly never-ending class supply list. Not to mention the multiple trips made to the store after dinner in order to return the backpack that your daughter absolutely had to have, but after her first day, it was deemed “not cool” by the other fourth graders in her class and so it was “totally obvious” that she could no longer be seen with it.

That being said, I figured it might be in the best interest of all of us if I keep today’s term post short and sweet. So here’s today’s term:

Certificate of Adoption:

The certificate of adoption (or adoption certificate) is the official document signed by the judge during the adoption finalization hearing. This document prompts the issuance of a new birth certificate for the adopted child stating the adoptive parents as his/her biological parents.