Supporting Foster Families This Christmas

Supporting Foster Families This Christmas

Posted on December 01, 2021
‘Tis the season for giving, and Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to show foster families in your community a little extra love. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options out there, so before you jump into a shopping spree, here are a few helpful hints to ensure your gifts bring joy to the recipients.

Tip one: Consider providing unwrapped gifts. If you’re shopping for specific kiddos, ask before wrapping. Parents might want to prepare these gifts the same way they’ll be wrapping presents for other family members. This can help prevent feelings of exclusion, and helps remind children that they are a part of their foster family.

Tip two: Buy for the whole family, not individuals. Family experiences are a great gift! Consider a game night basket, with cards, popcorn, and cocoa. Provide a gift card to a theater, trampoline park, or museum — or passes to the local zoo. These gifts are great because they emphasize the importance of being together, and no one is excluded.

Tip three: FOOD. Life as a foster family is often hectic, and food is an amazing way to serve. This can come in the form of pizza delivery, a ready-to-eat casserole dropped on the porch, or a gift card to a favorite local spot. Just be sure to ask about food restrictions and preferences.

Tip four: Ask what’s needed, don’t guess. We all remember that one Christmas when Grandma said she was getting us a pet (!) and it turned out to be an ant farm. If you know the family you’re shopping for, take time to ask what they want most. It’s easy to assume we understand what people need, but a little extra effort goes a long way. Sorry, Grandma.

Tip five: If you need to be seen, you might not be ready to serve. The holidays are full of opportunities for fun and joy, but they can also come with big emotions and difficult days, especially for kids in care. If our priority lies in being seen doing our good deeds, we can actually create moments of stress, tension, and embarrassment. Get comfortable with quiet generosity, and you’ll help bring true joy to foster families this year.

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Written By: Sarah Norris