Spring Hill

There are two seemingly simple words that, when placed together, prove to be absolute magic to many childrenís ears. They are:


For most, when this phrase is uttered, it immediately brings to mind lazy days spent splashing around at the pool, family vacations to exciting destinations, sleeping late or heading to camp to reunite with far away friends.

But for some, these words conjure up a very different picture. It may serve as a reminder of a time of loneliness because their caregiver has to be away for work. It may be a reminder of lingering hunger pains due to lack of adequate financial resources. For many kids, summer camps and vacation destinations are nothing more than a lofty dream.

For 20 children, however, this was the year the phrase ďsummer vacationĒ took on a new and positive connotation. Hands of Hope partnered with Safe Families of Central Indiana in their mission to send these kids to an amazing non-profit Christian summer camp called SpringHill.

As with any child attending summer camp, the children chosen by Safe Families were in need of supplies and thatís where Hands of Hope came in. They provided individual camp packs containing over twenty items ranging from pillows, sleeping bags and flashlights, to ponchos, sunscreen and each childís own personal Bible.

Upon their arrival at SpringHill, the kids were thrilled, but Iím going to go out on a limb and say that it was not the packs or even necessarily going to camp that caused their enthusiasm- although, Iím sure both helped tremendously. God was actively pouring His hope and love onto these children through the opportunity provided by SpringHill Camp, Safe Families and Hands of Hope. That being said, I think it would be safe to assume, that that in and of itself, was the real reason for their excitement.

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