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Vontae Davis, Pro Bowl cornerback of the Indianapolis Colts, has teamed up with Hands of Hope during the 2017 NFL Season! Read Vontae's story below and see how you can plant seeds of hope and support local foster families with Vontae Davis this year.

​​Plant Seeds of Hope with Vontae Davis

JOIN THE FUN and support Vontae Davis, the Indianapolis Colts, Hands of Hope, and most importantly local foster families by joining Vontae’s iPledge Campaign during the 2017 NFL Season. You can plant seeds of hope with Vontae by making a pledge for every tackle he makes this season or by making a one-time gift to support local foster children. Tell your kids about it and make watching Colts games with your family part of a bigger purpose!

"I was lucky. As a kid, I was almost placed in foster care. My grandmother came in and she took custody of me and my siblings. Without her, I might not even know my sisters and brothers. We probably would have been split up. I’m dedicating this season to kids who were not as lucky as me and my siblings; kids in foster care who don’t always feel wanted or loved. I want to show them that they are loved; that people do care; that there is HOPE! Please join me in supporting deserving children by pledging for every tackle I have this season. All of the proceeds will benefit Hands of Hope and their mission to uniquely and deeply love orphans at home and around the world." - Vontae Davis

Due to an injury, Vontae has yet to play this season but his pledge campaign is off to a great start! So far, Vontae has raised $1,300 of his $10,000 goal for this year. To learn more and pledge with Vontae click below:

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You can also support Vontae Davis and Hands of Hope by visiting Georgetown Market at 4375 Georgetown Road in Indianapolis. For every "Vontae's Corner" smoothie bought Georgetown Market donates $2.10 to Hands of Hope. What a delicious way to support Hands of Hope! Learn more about "Vontae's Corner" on the Georgetown Market Facebook Page

Suzy Roth, Hands of Hope Executive Director, and Mendi Funk enjoying a mango smoothie in Vontae's Corner!

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Vontae Davis and Hands of Hope. We hope that Vontae's story will inspire you to pledge with him and spread the word with others. As always, thank you for your shared passion for orphans and vulnerable children.

Our mission is to uniquely and deeply love orphans at home and around the world. 


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